Our Bellingen Wedding FAQ

As with every wedding, I’m sure you all have a million questions. So we’ve put our heads together to come up with every possible question you could ever want to ask us, to create the ultimate wedding FAQ!

Q: Where is Bellingen?

Bellingen is a cute little hippie town located on the North Coast of NSW. It’s about halfway between Sydney and the Gold Coast.

To get there, you’ll take a one-hour flight from Sydney to Coffs Harbour. You can then drive or take public transport to Bellingen, which is approximately 20-minutes away.

Q: Why Bellingen?

We looked at having our wedding somewhere more accessible like Sydney, the Blue Mountains, or the Hunter Valley – but we fell in love with Bellingen when we visited in January of 2018.

It’s a gorgeous little village loaded with boutiques, breweries, and restaurants located on the doorstep of both the Coffs Coast and the rainforest of Dorrigo National Park.

It’s also easy to get from the area to Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, or the Gold Coast!

Q: Will there be an American wedding?

Yes! We couldn’t get hitched without including as many of our friends and family as possible.

We’ll be doing a second wedding in Richelle’s hometown of Edmonds, Washington in July 2020. This is a true second wedding and will have its own ceremony and reception. If you’re from the US, we know Australia is a long way to fly, so don’t feel pressured to attend both. The second wedding is going to be just as awesome, and we’ll probably be way less nervous.

We’re trying to plan one thing at a time right now, but if you’re interested in the US wedding, let us know and we’ll send you more information when we have it!

Q: I can’t make it to Bellingen!

That’s not a question, but that is totally fine. We understand that it is a long way to fly.

If you can’t make it, just let us know. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about the US wedding, that’s fine too.

Q: When are RSVPs due?

RSVPs are due on September 5th, one month before the wedding. If you haven’t RSVP’d by then we will be tracking you down.

Q: How much are flights to Australia/Bellingen?

It’s probably easiest to fly to Sydney and then fly to Coffs Harbour.

Flights from LAX to Sydney are around $700 – $900 return, while flights to Coffs Harbour are $50 – $100 AUD each way. We’ll do a more detailed post about this later. As your resident travel experts, we can help out with finding cheap flights!

* If you find cheap flights with Tiger Air from Sydney to Coffs Harbour, bear in mind they regularly cancel/delay flights. Just make sure you’re not flying in last minute with them!

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Australia?

For our foreign visitors, a visa will be necessary.

  • If you’re from the US, Canada, or a number of Asian countries, you’ll need to apply online for the ETA visa here.
  • If you’re a Brit or from an EU country, you can apply for the eVisitor visa here.
  • If you’re from anywhere else, you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa here.

Q: Where can we stay?

Bellingen has plenty of accommodation options, as does nearby Coffs Harbour. There’s everything from a cute hostel to quaint B&Bs to a few local lodges, and that’s just in Bellingen!

Q: Will there be a hotel block?

Well, there’s really only one large hotel in Bellingen and there are three weddings that weekend so… Thankfully there are plenty of cute Airbnb and BnB properties all within walking distance to the venue, as well as plenty of accommodation options in nearby Coffs Harbour. You can read more about where to stay in Bellingen here.

Q: What is there to do in the area?

We’re glad you asked! We love the area and will be sharing a post later in the year with plenty of local recommendations.

Q: Where is the wedding taking place?

Both the ceremony and reception will be taking place at Cedar Bar & Restaurant in Bellingen!

8 Church Street Bellingen, NSW, 2454

Q: Will there be seats at the ceremony?

Yes. Richelle is weirdly insistent on this.

Q: Who is in the bridal party?

We’ve assembled a crack team of groomsmen and bridesmaids to help make our big day and unforgettable one.

Sarah Margolis will act as Richelle’s maid-of-honor, while Chris’ brother, Dominik Bush will be his best man. These two will be supported by four others: Anthony Magro, David McElroy, Tim Voegeli, and Byron TeVelde as the groomsmen and Megan Pankow, Caitlin Gasperetti, Bronte McGovern, and Breanna Browne as the bridesmaids.

For those wondering, Elliot Bush will be the pageboy, Alchemy Ginn and Sherry Qiao will be flower girls, and Ezekiel Ginn and Ollivander Ginn will be ushers. Jensen Ginn is just going to be cute arm-candy for Heather.

Q: What time should we be there?

Please arrive at Cedar Bar at 2.45 pm. The ceremony will start at 3 pm sharp.

Q: What is the dress code?

The dress code is what can best be described as ‘garden party’ or daytime cocktail.

For men, this means a full summer suit, suit with no tie, dress pants and jacket, or a dress shirt and tie with no jacket.

For the ladies, go for a cute summer dress, breezy maxi dress, or your favorite daytime cocktail dress. Feel free to wear cute flats or sandals, but if you want to break out the heels, go for it! Just make sure you’re comfortable, and ready to dance the night away.

Not sure what to wear? Here’s some outfit inspiration!

Q: Is there a specific colour that I shouldn’t wear?

As long as you’re not a girl wearing white or a boy wearing royal blue, you’re fine.

Q: Any special attire notes we should consider?

Bellingen can get quite warm during the day but cools off at night. Consider bringing a cardigan or wrap. Bellingen also gets 5-6 days of rain in October, so be sure to pack an umbrella just in case.

Q: Are there any other wedding events we’re invited to?

Of course! Richelle and I have both been to a bunch of international weddings and you just never get enough time to catch up with the bride and groom.

We’ll be having a pre-wedding event at Bellingen Brewery & Co on the night of Friday, October 4th as well as a post-wedding beach day on Sunday, October 6th. You’re welcome to both!

Q: Can I bring my children?

Your children are awesome, but we want you to cut loose and have a great time at our wedding!

If you absolutely can’t leave the kids at home, let us know and we can investigate babysitting options for the big night.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Chris: No. I dislike pets.

Richelle: Only if it is a cat or a pangolin.

Q: Can I bring a date?

We’re trying to keep our guest list to a manageable number, which means we might not be able to accommodate every new paramour on the block.

At this stage, we’re only able to accommodate those formally invited on the save the dates/invitations but get in touch if you’ve met the new love of your life and we’ll see what can be done!

Q: What’s the deal with parking?

There’ll be plenty of space to park near the ceremony venue. Bellingen is also a very walkable town, so be sure to check how far away your accommodation is from the venue. Many bnb and Airbnb options are only a 5-10 minute walk!

Q: What should I do between the ceremony and the reception?

Cocktail hour will be held from 4-5pm at Cedar Bar, so you’ll have plenty to do, eat, and drink between the Ceremony and Reception while the bridal party is off taking photos.

If you fancy a cup of coffee, Hyde Bellingen does a great flat white and it’s just around the corner.

Q: Will food be served?

Of course! We’re not monsters!

Cedar Bar will be putting on an antipasto grazing table and canapes during cocktail hour and serving up a delicious share style dinner for the reception.

My amazing cousin, Sarah will be preparing a Sarahndipity Cake for the occasion too!

Q: Will there be an open bar?

Have you met us? What kind of question is that?

We’ll have select beers and wines available on the night to ensure everybody is in the right mood to do the Nutbush.

Q: What if I have a dietary restriction?

Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to cater to your vegetarianism, veganism, Celiac, paleo, keto, potato allergy, aversion to shellfish, or disdain for food shaped like penises.

Q: Will there be dancing/entertainment?

We’ll be cranking the tunes all night long.

We’ve also picked only the most entertaining people to give speeches.

We might even get Izaak and Derek to do a wee duet.

Q: What time will the reception end?

We’ve got to be out of our venue by 11 pm, but feel free to head down to 5 Church Street (just a few doors down) to keep the party going all night!

Q: Can I take pictures and share them on social media?

You certainly can! What kind of social media influencers would we be without some hashtags for the big day?

We do ask that you keep those cameras in your pockets during the ceremony proper, however, as we’ve paid a small fortune for a photographer and we want her to have the best possible view. She can’t snap photos if she’s dodging iPhones!

Feel free to tag your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #richellegoesbush #gamlamnomore #richellelovesbush #cwbdidit

Q: Where Are You Registered?

Our unconventional lifestyle means that we aren’t in the market for a new toaster or place setting. We also understand that you’re traveling a long way and that is gift enough.

That being said, if you’re feeling generous, we’ll have a selection of bucket-list-worthy experiences you can donate to. You can view the list and even send us your gift early here.

Just pick the one you’d like to see us do and donate whatever you feel comfortable with.

Q: I’m a talented photographer/videographer/DJ, can I donate my services as a gift instead?

We’ve got a photographer and a videographer locked in, but if you’ve got an idea for a gift that isn’t on our registry, just let us know!

Q: Will Richelle be Richelle Gamlam-Walker-Bush?

Actually, Chris is taking Richelle’s last name… Just kidding. With all the travel we do, Richelle doesn’t have time to change all her documents and passport for a while, but maybe she’ll get around to it… eventually.

Q: Where are you guys going to settle down?

Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we’re settling down. Home is where our laptops are!

We’ll still be traveling for the foreseeable future, but that just makes it easier to visit everybody after the wedding!

Q: Do you guys have a Hollywood style couple name?

Yes! You can call us Chrishell.

Q: Where are you doing your honeymoon?

We travel pretty much full time, so some people have claimed our lives are a honeymoon. Pish posh!

In all seriousness, you can read about our honeymoon plans here.

Q: I have questions that aren’t answered here! What do I do?

Shoot us an email at cwbush83@gmail.com and richelle@adventuresaroundasia.com



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